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Localidad Guadalajara AMCHAM

Guadalajara Chapter is strategically located in one of the most important economic centers of the country.

At Guadalajara, we held various committees in which you can participate, along with other business leaders, in the analysis of opportunities and challenges for companies, dialogue with authorities, discuss trends and best practices in areas such as tourism, health, international trade, legal, tax, education , innovation, security and human capital, among others. 

The Entrepreneurs Summit (Cumbre de Empresarios) and Jalisco Travel Fest, developed by the Committees of Entrepreneurship and Innovation and Tourism, respectively, are an example of our commitment to promote the development and competitiveness of western companies.

We are the leading organization of the business community in Mexico and the United States. With proposals and best practices, we create a positive impact on public policies aimed at improving and facilitating commercial exchange between both countries.

Visit us or contact us to know our value offer for your company.

Guadalajara at a glance

Infografía Guadalajara AMCHAM