"Los socios de AmCham creemos en México y exigimos condiciones de confianza para la inversión"
Mónica Flores, Presidente

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"NAFTA has been very positive, not for a person or administration, but for Mexico"
Graciela Márquez

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"The best way to put America first is to put North America first" Stefan Selig, Former Under Secretary of Commerce

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"A modern NAFTA will allow for businesses to grow in the region and generate more local jobs"
Kevin Brady, Ways and Means

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"NAFTA: Amend it, don't end it" Tom Donohue, President USCC

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Since its foundation, AmCham promotes free trade, transparency and best practices within and outside the business sector, helping its members to improve and grow their businesses, while maintaining a proactive voice that helps facilitate trade relations between Mexico and the United States.

Join our committees and meet other business leaders; in our sessions, we share our insight and valuable information, and together find solutions that benefit the business sector.

Mexico City